Arabic saying " when your hand is in water you are not like the one with his hand in fire"

Just let's stop listing the "good" and "bad" points of the resistance from our (often comfortable) western seats, even when we see the "bad things" with "our own eyes".
I remember the criticism on the atrocities from the Vietcong during the Vietnamese war, on the cruelties from the ANC, PAC, BCM during the anti-apartheid struggle...
Let's not idealise things : the resistance inevitably makes mistakes and can even commit crimes. The day we are in the same situation as the resistance (including their suffering and their heroism) we can maybe talk about it from equal to equal.
When we succeed to break the ongoing siege on Gaza, when we get Hamas and the other Palestinian resistance organisations removed from the Western list of terror organisations (a list that excludes them from 'Humanity') we can have a discussion on how "we" think "they" should handle things. But even then, I think a people with the experience of 60 years of struggle is more capable then us to choose the right way forward.


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